Motion Sensors

motion sensors

Motion sensors provide efficient lighting and effective security. Motion sensors are used to activate lights or for security to detect someone approaching the home. OptimumHouse has motion activated lights for indoor or outdoor uses. We also have motion sensors that detect a visitor or intruder and send an alert signal. For outside lights, no more wasteful all night lighting. You can use Motion Activated Outdoor Lights that detect someone nearby and automatically turn on the lights. The same as with outdoor lights, you can have your indoor lights come on/off automatically with Indoor Motion Sensors. You can install an Occupancy Sensor that gives you instant light as you enter a room. For security purposes, we have Vehicle Alert System and Guest Announcer that alert you when someone approaches your driveway or your walkway. We also have Smart Floodlights that detect motion and turn on lights just like a motion sensor light but they also send a signal to a Module to turn on a lamp or sound a chime.

Outdoor Motion Sensing Lights

outdoor motion sensors

Motion Activated Outdoor Lights turn on when someone approaches the home. They operate only when needed, and stay on for a short programmed duration. This type of floodlighting not only provides safety and security for the family, it also is an energy saver. Easy to install - replaces any other outside light. If you don't have electricity in the location where you want to place your floodlight, you can use a battery operated Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor. Another option is a Solar Powered Motion Activated Floodlight. No electricity costs and the ability to place the light where you need it. Great energy savers.

Indoor Motion Sensing Lights

wireless occupancy sensors

Indoor Occupancy Sensors detect any occupants in a room or hallway and automatically activate the light. The light stays on while you're in the room but when you leave the room, after a brief period, the lights go out. Occupancy sensors save energy and are easy to install by simply replacing your wall switch. You can also use a battery operated Wireless Occupancy Sensor System. The sensor will detect motion and send a remote signal to turn on/off a lamp or even an appliance such as a fan or a heater. Indoor motion sensors are very effective for saving energy in unoccupied rooms where lights or appliances are left on.

Security Motion Sensors

smart floodlights

Motion Sensors are used in many security applications. A Vehicle Alert System informs you when a vehicle enters your driveway. If you prefer, you can use a solar powered Wireless Driveway Monitor. A Wireless Guest Announcer warns you when a visitor is at your doorstep. A Seco-Larm Door Entry alerts you when someone is entering your door. Smart Floodlights operate to turn on lights like outdoor motion sensor lights, but also send a signal to a turn on a lamp or sound a chime. Motion sensor devices are great for convenience and security.